GRAPHICS: Art Direction | Visual Communication | Branding Marketing

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WEB DESIGN: Web Development | Branding | Analytics

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DEMO REEL : Creative Director | Editor | Special Effects | Composer | Camera

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Hello, I'm Travis a big Batman fan and I wear it proudly. I'm an artist  who develops projects of all kinds.

I love what I do, and I love being able to take all of my creative abilities and apply them to multiple media outlets. I have the experience to take an idea and develop an infrastructure to support it's visual representation.



Integrative Media Specialist



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    Travis Davis

    Integrative Media Specialist

    Hello, I'm Travis and I'm an Integrative Media Specialist from Baltimore, MD. All the projects you see listed were created using multiple design programs. With experience and creativity I'm able to merge all of my skills into a variety of different mediums.  My goal is to efficiently use resources new and old to create a unique visual/auditory translation of an idea.